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No one can deny the shift of consciousness happening around the world and within us all. Yet along with this awakening, is a wave of confusion leaving many of us feeling more confused about who we are. There are new ideas everyday about what we should or shouldn't be doing to live happier and better lives.

How many articles do you see on a daily basis telling you what you should be doing? "Do this one thing and your life will change forever" or, "Here's the top 10 foods you should have in your diet" and, "Do these 5 things to make your relationship better". I know that the authors of these articles have only good intentions and they might change somebody's life, but to me it sounds like the pharmaceutical companies advertising a miracle pill that will cure all.

Miracle Pill

What about the people who, with those 10 foods or those 5 things, their lives or their relationships don't change? Most likely they will end up feeling more lost and frustrated with things or even worse, they might blame and start disliking themselves.

We live on a beautiful planet where no two people are exactly the same. Yet for some reason we feel the need to judge, categorize, and over-generalize everything. When will we realize this never works?

So now there is not only an overflow of ideas and information, but hardly anyone is saying the same thing! How are we supposed to keep up? If you are anything like me, when I get overwhelmed, I do not tend to jump in head first and get things accomplished. Although, that would be nice and I envy anyone out there that has the gift of a go-getter. For me, I'm the opposite... instead I am the one sitting at the crossroads scratching my head, not knowing which road I should be taking. All the while, I am getting covered in the dust by the ones flying down the road they chose. I cannot even tell you how many times this has happened in my life...

For crying out loud, when I was a child and my mom told me I could pick out any candy I wanted, it felt like a life or death situation. There were so many choices! How in the world was I supposed to be able to decide? Today learning about the importance of what is going in our bodies, minds, and souls literally is a life or death situation and there are even more varieties to choose from! 

So where do you even begin in this confusion?

  • LISTEN TO YOU-  I'm finding more and more through personal experiences that there is nothing wrong with sitting at that crossroad for a moment instead of flying down the first road that someone says leads to a better future, happiness, or success. Rather, take that moment of stillness to listen to your instincts, you heart, and your body.  
  • BELIEVE IN YOU- We all have the ability on our own to know which path is the best for us. No doctor, family member, partner, friend, or article knows what you need more than you do. So it's time to stop always taking the endless advice from outside sources. Instead, start listening and believing in the knowledge that is coming from within you.

How do you listen & hear your inner knowledge?


The essence of profound insight is simplicity
— Jim Collins

This single word has been my mantra for the past few years and has since transformed my life.

My steps to achieve simplicity:

  • RETURN TO THE BASICS- Shed and discard all the overwhelming amounts of information and input you have been receiving daily.
"Is this certain thing in my life making me feel good or bad?"
"What do I think needs to change for me to feel better?"


Progress is impossible without change and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.
— George Bernard Shaw
  • REMEMBER EVERYTHING IS CONSTANTLY CHANGING- Everything around us and in us is always in a constant state of change. Have you ever found that you thrived on a certain diet for so long and then all of the sudden your body rejects it? Or you have been doing a certain exercise that you have loved for years, but now you find you don't feel as good afterwards as you did before? There are seasons, night and day, things grow, and things die.

  • CHANGE IS INEVITABLE- There is nothing you can do about it. You can't keep fall from turning to winter and you can't keep the sun from setting. So it's not about how many times things might change for you. It's how you deal with that change.

Do not feel defeated when something needs to change or your choice wasn't quite the right path and you didn't achieve what you thought you wanted. Eliminate the need to say "This path is good" and "That path is bad". Maybe that path you thought you should have been on would have been detrimental. Every step you take, no matter on which path, is essential for your growth as a spiritual being. Isn't it usually after the harder times in life that we feel like we really learned something and grew as a person in the end?     

  • LOOK AT YOUR SITUATION OBJECTIVELY- A way for me to sit back and look at something more objectively, especially if it is something that I feel is "bad", is to challenge myself to find the lesson. I take a moment to sit silently and try my hardest to look at a situation objectively, as if I am watching my life in a movie. I observe, see, and reflect on what I need to learn in that moment. This usually shows me the core reason why the situation is uncomfortable for me in the first place. 
  • QUIT FIGHTING IT- I always have a tendency to fight a situation by tooth and nail because I don't want a certain thing to happen, it isn't what I had planned, and I don't like how it feels. But I'm learning (slowly but surely) to surrender and accept.  Instead of fighting the situation, which usually only makes it worse, I am learning to trust that there is a reason and a lesson to learn from what I am going through. I then realize a certain situation wasn't a "bad" thing, it was a NECESSARY thing to help me become a better me.  I then go to a place of gratitude. Once I do that it is amazing to watch and/or feel the problem evaporate.


Life is not about making all the right choices the first-go, but through trial and error, finding the path that puts you in synchronicity or flow with your life or the universe. Once you find the synchronicity in your life, you will no longer fear the necessary lessons. You will embrace and be thankful for them.

Life’s little interruptions are synchronicity at play; putting things in order to put you on your path.
— Unknown Author

Most importantly, through this whole process... you will find YOu.


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