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**Beginning January 2018**

Feeling stuck— by confusion, doubt, or fear— is a sign that you’ve outgrown your old self. Your old way of literally doesn't fit anymore. Feelings of confusion, lack of clarity, and fear of stepping into the unknown are all signs that you’re at the edge of transformation. You're ready for a massive shift— to move from the Land of Limitation into the Realm of Infinite Possibility. You’re sitting on the ledge at the end of your comfort zone and Life is asking you to trust yourself.. To follow your heart, spread your wings, and fly!

Before working with Aurianna, I felt trapped in certain mindsets, belief systems, and stories. I was interested in revising these experiences of mine, but the goal seemed almost too large and overwhelming for me. Investing in a coach, a personal cheerleader, seemed like the obvious next step. During our program, everything that I hoped to accomplish and grow into, happened. In fact, it all surpassed my expectations, as did Aurianna’s undying love and support.
— Sarah B.

The Pleasure Process™

The Pleasure Process™ is for the purpose driven woman who is seeking more freedom, more pleasure, and more joy in her life and business!

This 4-part process invites you to rewrite your relationship with pleasure so that you can intentionally and mindfully create a life that truly turns you on.

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My first call with Aurianna was like speaking to this higher part of me.. ‘I have the map, it’s right here, and I trust it, do I read it?’ I asked her.. Each time I work with her, a piece of my map become legible- as if it is written in a long lost language I once knew and am now remembering.
— Erica J.

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