Hello, beautiful.

I'm Aurianna Joy, an Intuitive Success Coach & Soul Mentor.

Photo by Kelly Morgan

Photo by Kelly Morgan

At 19 years old, after years suffering from depression and a chronic illness, I started looking deeper at this life that I had inherited, and began to ask myself and others some important life questions:

What is this life really about?
What are we truly here for?
When I die, what do I want my legacy to be?

Thus began my journey to bringing myself back to a state of wholeness and holistic fulfillment, and along the way I started to guide others in doing the same. 

The things I've learned along this path have astonished me, and everything comes back to the core element of holistic health and wellbeing: 

unapologetic, radical self-love

The work that I do now is not a job, but a calling to be of service to the collective awakening as we begin to remember who we are at the deepest levels of our being.

In my mentorship programs, I use my 10 years of training in the world of personal development and studies of biology and holistic health, combined with my personal knowledge of Amazonian shamanism and yogic principles, such as the chakra system, to create a unique experience for my clients as I guide them in exploring the world from this new, expanded perspective so that they can create a life that allows them to express themselves authentically.

Are you ready to begin your personal journey of transformation? Let's set up a call to get started!

Professional Bio

  • 2006-2011: Attended Tony Robbins' Mastery University
  • 2006-2008: Attended the Global Youth Leadership Summit (GYLS) in San Diego
  • 2010-2014: Volunteered at Tony Robbins' events, including coaching youth at GYLS
  • December 2009: Awarded AA degree with a focus in Biology from Edison State College
  • February 2012: Received certification as a Deeksha Blessing Giver
  • June 2012: Attended a 100-hour Yoga Alliance approved Yoga Teacher Training in Portugal
  • November 2012: Volunteered on the Seattle Basket Brigade's Leadership Team
  • December 2012: Graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition as a Holistic Health Coach
  • February 2013: Began working with coaching clients, freelance writing, and started my first blog!
  • August 2013-January 2014: Facilitated integrative healing workshops for guests at a shamanic healing center in the Peruvian Amazon jungle
  • July 2014: Attended a DONA accredited Birth Doula Training
  • March 2015: Completed 500+ hour Raw Food Chef internship
  • Summer 2015: Attended the Ayahuasca Foundation's 10-week Shamanic Initiation Course
  • November 2015: Began Landmark's 'Curriculum For Living' Courses
  • January 2016: Began facilitating shamanic ceremonies and hosting women's empowerment workshops
  • February 2017: Completed Shamanic Reiki Level 1 Training in NYC