Hello, beautiful! 

I'm Aurianna Joy, Pleasure & Prosperity Coach for soulful, purpose-driven women.

I've been coaching women for over 5 years, leading virtual communities and masterminds as well as facilitating women's circles and women's retreats around the world.

My mission is to reconnect women with their bodies— the source of their inner wisdom and personal power. 


I support women who are ready to master the art of deliberate living, and have a lot of fun in the process!

I am a holistic explorer, committed to trying on all life has to offer and fiercely dedicated to freedom of expression for all beings. I'm a lover of ecstatic dancing, singing, cacao, and my yin/yang kitties, Rumi & Gaia.

It would be such an honor to support you in reclaiming your personal power so that you can finally share your unique gifts with the world!

The Dalai Lama said, "The world will be set free by the western woman" because we have the precious gift of freedom— to explore and create ourselves, intentionally and deliberately, from the inside out.

Let's honor this gift together. I'll be your guide, your friend, and your soul sister every step of the way.

xo Aurianna Joy

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