Client Love Notes

Claire Ava, Intuitive Coach— Netherlands

Aria Everts, Superpower Catalyst— California

Maky Arias, Business Coach— Barcelona, Spain

Mary Jane Walsh, Women’s Empowerment Coach— New Oreleans

“Highly Recommend for Real and Lasting Healing!”

Aurianna absolutely rocked my world during our time together. I like to move quickly in life and I was just in awe about how she was able to slow me down and get right to the root cause of what was bothering me. I left our work feeling lighter and clear on my next steps. I really appreciate how she works on a somatic, body level. Aurianna is a truly incredible facilitator that I can't recommend enough!

“She helped me activate the soft side of manifestation.”

Before working with Aurianna, I had a lot of ideas on how to expand my business and I was not gaining much momentum in actually manifesting my dreams.. The best thing about working with Aurianna was the step by step guidance that helped me make progress in small achievable increments! The unexpected piece of working together was the way she helped me activate the soft side of manifestation and helping me remember that anything is possible when we organize our energy in a certain direction! I would definitely recommend working with Aurianna to anyone who knows they need to make a significant shift in their lives! Her light is inspiring and her attunement is potent.

“Working with Aurianna has helped me connect to my soul..
to truly listen and feel its deepest desires”

Working with Aurianna has opened up and expanded my world. I see more of the world, it turns out to be an entire universe! I feel it, I sense it, I allow it in. I have received an expansive arsenal of tools to engage more fully as a conscious co-creator of my universe. This is a priceless gift that is useful for everything from everyday mundane task, new aspiring goals, and the mystery beyond. Most of all, working with Aurianna has helped me connect with my own wisdom, my own truth. To give space for all of me, the shadow and light, the ego and the soul, and the mind and the body. It’s hard work, but Aurianna creates a safe, warm and aspiring space for it. I feel like I have been floating through life, only superficially engaging with it. During my work with Aurianna, I feel like my eyes and body have opened up to a whole new experience of life and introduced me to a deep journey of discovery.

-I.S. PhD, Norway