You are never not on your path


I hear from my clients all the time that they feel like they've fallen off their path, the one that leads to their purpose and mission in life.

Here's the thing, though-- you are ALWAYS on your path. Every single moment of every single day since before you were born.

Your core essence has been conspiring with the Universe even before your parents were born! (Because you know there's actually no such thing as time, right?)

Every single up and down, every exhilarating moment and every depressing moment. They're all here for you. 

It's in the moments of pain, confusion, and loss that we find the deepest spiritual lessons. Those challenges are our greatest teachers.

This photo was taken 3.5 years ago as I walked a healing center for my first meeting with the sacred plant medicine, Ayahuasca. 

This image invites me to remember the moment 8 months prior when I was a sobbing mess on my bathroom floor, yelling at the Universe, God, angels, whoever would listen.. I was screaming through snot filled tears asking, "Why me?"

I had just had a miscarriage. My relationship was over. I was living in a foreign country in a home where I was no longer wanted. I was just about to start an intensive 6-month protocol for Lyme disease but at that point, I wasn't sure it was a good idea given the circumstances. I had no job, no money, nothing to return back to in the States.

Nothing made sense. Everything hurt, both physically and emotionally. 

I felt further off track than I ever had before.

Looking back now, I realize that was a pivotal moment because I finally surrendered. I gave up trying to figure it out and I prayed for guidance.

That guidance led me to the jungle. That guidance led me to the medicine. That guidance led me to be sharing this story with you here today.

This photo reminds me that the painful moments are triggers from our higher selves to try something different, to turn inwards and find our Truth outside logic, reason, and previous experience.

When the jungle started calling me just a few days later, traveling to South America seemed like the furthest thing from possible given the circumstances.

Sometimes the guidance doesn't make sense. Oftentimes, actually, it doesn't make sense. 

That's the point. 

How willing are you to surrender what you think is the path for what the path really is?

Moral of the story: those moments when you feel like you're so far off track that you can't even remember which direction you're headed?

Yep. Even then. You're still on track.

If you listen closely enough, I'm betting you'll find that what you thought was you falling off your path is actually life redirecting you, providing you valuable lessons you wouldn't have had otherwise.

I'm guessing that when you keep going, you'll look back and realize that the Universe was quietly preparing you to find your purpose & fulfill your mission. 

Try that on for awhile. 🌟