What is coaching?

I sat next to a woman on the bus yesterday and we got to talking about life. When I told her that I'm a holistic success coach, she responded with something along the lines of, "Oh, like a therapist, right?" Wrong.

Let's clear up some misconceptions about what it's like working with a coach:

We're not therapists and you don't only need a coach when you have massive problems, or any problems at all really.

Being human comes with innate challenges. It's a fact of life. Each coach comes with their own unique flavor, but overall we're here to support you wherever you are in life in getting to where you want to go. We help you gain clarity on your goals, then guide you to see what's holding you back from achieving them while providing strategies and accountability to help you get there.

Whether your goals are personal or professional, related to your body, your relationships, your finances, or your spiritual growth, a good coach helps you to view life holistically-- meaning that each area of your life influences every other area of your life. You cannot separate a piece from the whole, and when you try to, that's when trouble starts.

Coaches help you to gain a new perspective so that you can face life's challenges feeling empowered and inspired to create breakthroughs in your life. We're professionally trained to support you as you learn to accelerate through life's challenges.

Working with a coach is not therapy. It's a completely different dimension of personal development. It's having someone in your corner, cheering you on and giving you the hard love that you sometimes may not want to hear but is necessary for your growth.

I believe that EVERYONE should have a coach, all the time. I currently have two coaches for different areas of my life and I am a part of two mastermind groups with coaches, so really I have about 8! The times when I've worked with a coach, my life has taken on a new level of awesome. My internal world feels more centered and my external world reflects that state of balance through more abundance, more joy, and more fun!

Another common perspective on coaching is that you must be weak if you need a coach.. Let's rewrite that way of thinking:

You are not an island. Try as you might, you can't do this life all by yourself. It's not weak to reach out for support, it's actually a sign of strength to humble yourself enough to recognize that you will never be fully fulfilled if you're trying to do it all alone.

So, what will it take for you to invest in your future the way you deserve? Let's connect soon and figure out together what I can do to support your journey to living the life you desire!