The obstacles are illusions

Please, stop limiting your own potential, sweet soul.

aurianna mountain.jpg

I see you there, questioning your every move.

Deciding for yourself what’s possible based on what you can see.

What’s in your bank account..

The way your body looks & feels..

The people you know..

The qualifications you have..

You want to shine.

You want to live radiantly in all your brilliance.

You want to embrace everything life has to offer & change the world along the way.

Yet these limitations appear as brick walls in front of your path.

Thick, hard, immovable.

“How do I find my way through?” you ask, exasperated, exhausted..

You spend all your energy focusing on the wall.

“Do I go up & over? Around? Do I dig a path underneath?” you wonder.

You listen to the mind, telling you what’s possible and what’s not. You limit your own growth based on what appears in front of you.

You are magic, dear one.

Remember your magnificence.

Remember, this wall is here for you— to guide you back to embodying the magician within.

Remember, sweet soul, there’s never actually been any wall there at all.

In this space, you'll find yourself on the path you’ve truly desired all along 🦋