How I Cured My Yeast Infection Naturally

Last week I left my dad’s place in Bend, Oregon to be with my partner, Cole, in Los Angeles.

You can imagine what happens after a long time of not seeing your partner.

Lots of sex.

Yep, it did. Lots of it. Morning, noon, and night. 

And then, I started to feel the burn. The burn that signals yeast was infecting my vagina.

Let me back up a minute. 

The week before this happened, I’d been eating way more carbs and sugar than I do usually. Two days before leaving for LA, I noticed a red spot popping up on my chin. After 6 months in the moist jungles of Peru, I recognized this as a yeast infection on my skin.

Then, when I started to feel the burn that I know so well from previous yeast infections, I knew that my sugar binge had flared up the Candida overgrowth that is obviously still present in my body after developing Leaky Gut Syndrome from Chronic Lyme Disease.

Living an all natural lifestyle, I turned to my home remedy kit get this thing under control. Within 3 days, the burn was gone and Cole and I were ready to go again.

Here's what I did:

  • Cut almost all sugar and carbs from my diet
  • Drank lots and lots of water
  • Put oxygenated CellFood directly on the dermal infection
  • Drank 2 tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar diluted in water twice per day
  • 3 capsules of Oil of Oregano 3 times per day
  • Every night, I took one clove of garlic and scored it a few times with a knife. Using a needle, put a piece of thread through the center of the clove. With the string through the clove, I tied the ends together, making it almost like a tampon string. Then I put that baby up inside of me and let the natural antimicrobial properties of garlic to do it’s work. Take note, when you cut open garlic and put it in your vagina, it will burn unless you have a yeast infection. Also, you’ll begin to taste garlic in your mouth. Not sure exactly why this is, but just be ready for it.

Hopefully these tips will help one of you ladies if you ever have an unfortunate meeting with yeast!