Haters are gonna hate

I'm always fascinated by the wide range of responses I receive to what I share with the world, especially through my videos.

Yesterday's video about ego seems to be receiving a lot of feedback, from both ends of the spectrum. I'm reminded of a quote that I live my life by: "Speak your heart. If they don't understand, the message wasn't meant for them anyways."

Those who don't understand my messages will think this message is directed at them, and they can let their ego keep that thought if they so choose ;-)

In truth, these words are for those of you who do understand the messages I share, as a reminder that there will always be haters, critics, and people who don't understand. They won't mind one bit being very vocal in letting you know their thoughts about how what you're doing is wrong, ego-driven, selfish, narcissistic, ignorant, Satanic, etc.

Instead of defending ourselves or judging them, let's learn from their shamelessness in speaking their truth and choose to be even more unapologetic in what we authentically share with the world, knowing that the people who need to receive the messages will, and that the world will be a better place for it.

Keep sharing, keep shining, fellow earth warriors. I love you.

"The critic hates most that which they would have done themselves, if they had had the guts." -The War of Art