Goodbye For Now, Peru.

How does one measure the experience of a lifetime?

131 days. Nearly 19 weeks in total.. 5 Peruvian cities. 5 shamans. 41 Ayahuasca ceremonies. 2 San Pedro ceremonies. 9 weeks of plant dietas. 9 experiences with deep cleaning purgatives and a plethora of other plant medicines to assist in bringing my body back to wholeness. 9 icaros (healing songs) learned. 1 melody channeled to me by the plant spirits. 19 video blogs. 1 journal and 1 notebook full of dreams, hopes, fears, and random musings. 2 bee stings walking back from ceremony one night, a showdown with a spider in the bathroom to help conquer my fears, along with enough mosquito and chigger bites to last me a few lifetimes.

Countless days of fasting, silence, and isolation. Innumerable hours of prayer, meditation, and quiet contemplation. The opportunity to find my singing voice and use it to assist in the healing of others. Visiting an ancient Incan city and crossing Machu Picchu off my bucket list. An over abundance of magic memories shared with some of the most wonderful people on the planet...

They say the person who returns home isn't the same person who left...

In nearly 4 years of traveling, never before have I felt this to be more true.

Muchas gracias, Pachamama, for your healing plants. Irake, madre selva, for your gracious teachings.

I am infinitely grateful for all I have learned on this adventure.

Now, the only thing to do is take the next step forward and watch as life unfolds in this mystical dance of cocreation.

America, I'm coming home.