Embrace Your Dualistic Nature

"When you begin to embrace duality, you stop resisting the unity that binds you."

This message appeared to me in the dream world two nights ago and I've been meditating on it since. At first I took it to mean that when we embrace the duality, the polar opposite, of another person compared to how we see ourselves, we begin to find a common ground with them from which we can grow together.

The more I reflected, the more the meaning expanded inwards towards my Self.

Last night I had a vision of the dualistic, polarized aspects of myself as a sort of braid, intertwining and supporting each other as they become one. In their unity, I was shown, the different parts of myself are stronger than they could ever be alone.

When we begin to embrace all the parts of our inner selves that seem conflicting-- the feminine/masculine, ambitious/lazy, giving/selfish, kind/angry, empowered/weak, brave/fearful, confident/doubtful parts of ourselves-- we begin to realize that the shadow aspects of our personality are just as valid and useful as the light ones. Each part of us has its place.

As you embrace all the dimensions of your Self, you create space for yourself to become a more fully embodied being.

In this embrace, you'll find the unity that binds you to the truth of who you are: an infinitely intelligent being temporarily expressing yourself as a dualistic, wildly emotional human.

In this sacred space, this unified bind, you'll find that you are free ✨