Awakening Aphrodite

Happy New Moon in fiery sign of Leo, lovely beings! This moon phase invites you to ignite your inner light and give yourself permission to have FUN! 🌚

Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty, has been making her presence known to me this last month. I've pulled her goddess card at the last two new moon women's circles, and I just started re-reading "Aphrodite's Daughters: Women's Sexual Stories and the Journey of the Soul." Aphrodite's message to me is strong-- the time is here to reconnect with my inner goddess and allow my feminine essence to flow strong, without needing permission or acceptance from anyone else!

As women in this world, we are often shamed for allowing this aspect of ourselves to be seen outside of the bedroom. We're expected to behave according to some twisted patriarchal idea of what it means to 'act like a lady', and then instantly turn on our inner sex kitten when the time comes.

We're taught that we need to keep a rein on our urges, to cover up our bodies, and to sit pretty until we're told what to do.


It's time to break the box we've been put into as women and unleash our inner wild woman!

It's time to wear whatever we want, because it makes us feel sexy and confident, and not be afraid of the attention that may bring us, because we are powerful enough to handle whatever may come our way. It's time for us to move our bodies with the flow that comes with being in a feminine body. It's time for us to speak up about our sexual desires and needs. It's time for us to say no when we mean no, and yes when we mean yes, both in the bedroom and in life in general. It's time for us to share unapologetically our stories of love, of trauma, of life.. It's time for us to transform the shame that comes with being fully a turned on, tapped in, sexually embodied woman. It's time for us to explore our bodies, minds, and hearts with the knowing that divinity resides within every cell of our being.

It's time, ladies, for us to step up into the full divine expression of the goddess and allow our true selves to be seen. It's time for the divine feminine within to be free..

I know.. It can be scary to step out of the box we've collectively allowed ourselves to be put into. But sister, we are all on this journey together. Will you join me?