September's Inspiration Sister: Maria Johanna

What has been your biggest challenge or pain in your life

My biggest challenge was to discover who I am and to truly live my soul purpose. 

What steps did you take to overcome this challenge 

I always had a desire to find the truth about who I am and why I am here on Earth. 

I’ve learned many things from Ayahuasca, as well as a valuable visual meditation that one of my mentors taught me.

I’ve seen that many things in life are the opposite from what we think they are.  Our outer World is a reflection from our inner World. I saw that I was afraid of my own potential.  When I went one step deeper, I saw that I was afraid of love.  Love is our pure nature, so we are afraid of ourselves.  Many times we choose fear instead of love.  Fear is keeping us from love, where our true power is. 

When I saw my potential, I saw that I had been putting limiting beliefs and obstacles in my own way that were preventing me from living my soul purpose.  The hardest one was to become free of my father’s opinion about how I am living my life.  We have a very strong connection and used to work together.  When I chose a path "outside the box," it was hard to accept for him.  In the end, I saw that I created this situation by myself.  I had to remove these obstacles from my mind and soul.  I transformed to be in trust, faith, and love.  I let God fully into my life and said ‘YES’ to who I am. 

A big step for me was to change my name to my original name ‘Maria Johanna’ after 29 years.  This is one of the things that Arianna and I have in common.  This was the first step to living my true purpose. 

What are some lessons you’ve learned or blessing that have come through having this experience

I’ve learned many!  One of the most important lessons for me was to realize that we are the creators of our own life. 

We first create with our thoughts and actually, it is not happening here, but in a higher dimension.  Then we create with our word and a very important part is to create in your deeds.  So if you are unhappy with your life, start by changing your thoughts. 

After we change our deeds, we can live our own creations to discover who we are and who we are not.  It's very important in this process to not judge, but to let yourself experience!  You will intuitively know what is true or not.  Like a well-known quote says: ’Only in the darkness, we can see our own light.’

If there was one bit of advice you could give to those who are struggling right now, what would it be

Always trust your gut feelings and put them into deeds, before you have too much time to think about it.  Many times our mind is keeping us from living our true nature.  On some level, we all recognize this.

Remember who you are by taking the time to connect with your soul.