Join me for a 'Spring Cleaning' Transformation Cleanse!

With Spring just around the corner, we're starting to feel the stir of outward movement beginning to awaken within us. Winter is a time of inward moving energy, one of introspection and rest. Spring activates the energy within to begin its outward expression. 

I invite you to join me for a 10-day group lifestyle transformation cleanse that I will be leading starting the first day of Spring, on March 20th, 2016!

I've tried a number of different cleanses, and this is this first one that didn't leave me feeling weak or fatigued. In fact, I experienced just the opposite-- I had so much energy I wasn't sure what to do with it at times! The cleanse doesn't involve starving your body. This program is designed to nourish your cells with all the fruits and veggies you need every day and helps you to reestablish a healthier relationship with food through cleansing your palette and detoxing your body.

That's why I'm inspired to share this with you, because what you feed your cells makes up your body and your body is the vessel through which your soul speaks. As a Certified Holistic Health Coach, I've found that when we begin with cleaning up our diet and lifestyle habits, we're pave the way for ourselves to step more fully into our full potential and creating a life for ourselves that is empowering, fulfilling, and inspiring.

Let's use the transformative energy of the changing of the seasons to cleanse our way to wellbeing!

Your cleanse package includes:

  • 10-days of organic, raw, alkalizing, vegan superfood powders and supplements to guide you through a well-balanced, holistic full body detox <-- including one of the yummiest green drink powders I've ever tasted and parasite cleansing herbs. Gross, I know, but chances are that you have some sort of parasite hanging out with you!
  • A $50 discount gift card to put towards your cleanse package
  • Five $50 gift cards for you to give to friends and family to have them join you in creating a life of transformation
  • "The Green Food Bible" book, written by the creator of this program to help you look at food in a totally different way
  • A pre-cleanse guide to prepare you for a rockin' cleanse
  • Access to 3 different Facebook groups to support your process, including a private group facilitated by me :)
  • Daily emails of inspiration from yours truly, to inspire you every step of the way
  • 3 group calls-- one the day before we start, one half way through, and one two days after the cleanse is complete-- where I will answer FAQ's about the cleanse and how to move forward in creating a sustainable future with your new lifestyle habits
  • The chance to win a private, one-on-one coaching session with me when we finish the cleanse ($150 value!)

Here's a testimonial from a client of mine who recently completed her 10-day transformation cleanse:
"My cleanse was fantastic!! I broke my coffee addiction and cravings for wine and sugar, got rid of that nasty 'tongue fuzz', and slimmed out! I feel more energized than EVER before and didn't have any of the effects of caffeine withdrawal that I normally have if I even miss one day!"

Inspired yet?! Join me and fellow NYC based Health Coach, Jenny Rose Heartsong, for a complimentary 30-minute webinar this Saturday, March 5th at 1pm EST to learn more about the cleanse and how you can join the movement of making healthy cool! Don't worry if you can't make it on Saturday, we'll record the call for you and send it over when it's done :)

UPDATE 3/5/2016: 
Watch the webinar here

Ready to sign up? Follow the steps outlined here to join! 

**To my international friends: Unfortunately because the amazing company that created this cleanse is still so new, these products are only available in the US, Canada and the UK.