Something miraculous is unfolding..

Something miraculous is unfolding...

If you know me even one bit, you know that I strive for excellence in all areas of my life.

🔥 Personal growth
🔥 Spiritual development
🔥 Physical well-being
🔥 Deeply supportive relationships

Excellence is a high value for me.

I’m always striving for more depth, more healing, more opening..

I’m always in pursuit of my “highest potential”.

In many ways, this is a gift..

If I didn’t have this intrinsic motivation towards excellence, I never would have had the courage to face the obstacles of life with determination and I would never have made it to where I am today.

And yet...

I’ve been uncovering a massive shadow side along the journey of “accessing my highest potential.”

With this almost obsessive orientation towards “expansion,” I’ve been subtly telling myself..

...I am never enough exactly as I am...

When I’m always looking to “shift” or “transform” something within myself...

I’m telling myself on a cellular level that I AM NOT ENOUGH...

This creates a feedback loop that deepens the fracturing I’m looking to heal..

Every time I seek to “grow”, I create more need for “healing”, thus creating a spiral which ensures I am never “where I want to be.”

Over the past 8 months, I’ve been re-discovering the power of present moment awareness:

✨ When I create space for stillness and quiet contemplation, I learn more about myself and the world than any reading, coaching, or seminar could ever teach me

✨ When I slow down, I actually alter time— by going slow, by being more mindful about my intentions and actions, I get more done, specifically more of the things that are important and truly valuable to my soul

✨ When I offer myself forgiveness for not “being my highest self” in any given moment, I actually attune to my higher self

Something miraculous is unfolding..

By releasing my need for excellence, I’m discovering I am excellent exactly as I am.

Messy, confused, overwhelmed, bitchy..

No matter what, I am already enough in this present moment.

And so are you, sweet soul ❤️