RIP Wayne Dyer

Rest in peace, Wayne Dyer.

The world lost an angel this weekend, but his light will continue to create change on our planet for generations to come.

Thank you for being a facilitator of the Light and for guiding us all in our mission to live with Intention. I am deeply grateful to have come across your work early in my journey toward awakening and continue to follow your words to this very day.

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My Wayne Dyer Story:

In March 2011 I found myself nearly spontaneously volunteering at a Tony Robbins event in South Florida. This event was a life changing experience for me. I had decided I was ready to drop out of college and move forward into the unknown, to follow my heart and the direction my spirit was calling me. I'd decided I was ready to live life on my own terms and see what opportunities were ahead. I was nervous about what was to come but I was excited to have to chance to explore new territory.

On the last night of the event, after making this fateful decision, I returned back to my hotel room to find my roommate-- who wasn't "supposed" to be my roommate but she had just "happened" to make a mistake in her bookings and needed a place to stay and I just "happened" to have extra space in my room for her-- handed me a book.

This book was called "The Power of Intention" by Wayne Dyer. I had never heard of him or the book before, but she told me that this book had been absolutely life changing for her and that I MUST read it. She was so sure that this book would assist me on my journey that she had gone out of her way to buy me my own copy.

Being in such a space of transition at the time, I put the book on my shelf thinking I'd get to it soon. Four months later, I'd all but forgotten about it until I was preparing for my next TR event. I was packing my bag and looking on my bookshelf for which book to bring along on my travels. I saw "The Power of Intention" and decided now was the time to begin. I remember reading it on the plane to Chicago and thinking the messages within it were EXACTLY what I needed to hear. My body was zinging with energy by the time I deplaned.

Then the event started and as anyone who's been to a TR event knows, there wasn't much time for reading. Until the last night of the event, I then had my book lying on the hotel bed as I was packing and my roommate (a different woman) came in, picked up the book and began to put it in her bag. I gave her a look and asked if she would like to read it. She gave me a look and then suddenly realized that my copy was not her copy! She laughed as she pulled another copy of "The Power of Intention" out of her bag and we marveled in the synchronicity that we would both be reading the same book at the same time. I took this as an indicator that I really needed to read this book!

Over the next week, I devoured the entire book. It was exactly what I needed at that pivotal point in my journey, it was exactly what I needed to gain the momentum to make that shift. It was as though every word he'd written was written just for me. I could feel my spirit singing as I began to remember the Truth of who I am as a spiritual being and why I am here inhabiting the human form. I took index cards and put them up all over my apartment with quotes such as "when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change" and "all unfolds perfectly in Divine timing" to remind me of these Truths.

2.5 years later, in November 2013, I was in Peru working with Ayahuasca and in the middle of my first plant dieta. One day in meditation, Wayne's words began to float into my mind and I was charged and energized by his wisdom. The affirmation "I am not this body, I am not this mind. I am the Spirit and that is eternal" became my mantra for the next week. Shortly after I began using his words and the Power of Intention again, I walk into the library where people would donate their books after retreats to see none other than Wayne's book that I had read years before.

I checked it out of the library and spent the next 3 days fasting while in isolation and silence, allowing myself only to read his book and meditate. His insights into this human experience sank deeper into my psyche, deeper into my heart than they had the first time around. When I left Peru a few months later with basically no plan for the next chapter of my life, I continued to meditate on the information contained in this book. I highly credit Wayne Dyer and his words that first connected me to this force that he calls "Intention" for bringing me to where I am today.

His wisdom entered my sphere at exactly the perfect time, not just once, but twice. He taught me about surrender, about letting go and letting God. He taught me how to have faith in Spirit, and to trust in my co-creative powers as a spiritual being.

Today, I honor Wayne Dyer for the light, love, and Truth he brought to this planet at such a critical time. I choose to honor him every day by letting his words guide me further into the Light.