Creativity Takes Courage

Stepping out past your comfort zone takes an immense amount of courage. Creating something that doesn't yet exist means you have to be brave enough to endure the potential of other people not understanding, not supporting, or not connecting with your art. 

That's a part of the game of creativity-- knowing that not everyone is going to like your work. In fact, some people are more than likely going to downright disagree with what you're doing, going to the extremes of letting you know that they think your work is shit and that you should do something more valuable or productive with your life.

Know that this is the price you pay for doing things your own way. 

This is what comes with dancing to your own rhythm. You learn to trust that even though a million people won't get it, you're not creating for them. You're creating for that single person who needs to hear/see/feel the inspiration that you're being guided to share with the world. You learn to drown out the critics and focus all your efforts on creating something that resonates with those who need you just as much as you need them. 

It's a two way street: there are people who feel the deep rooted need to create because there are people out there who have the soul shaking desire to connect with whatever it is that you are creating. They need you to share you art so that they can receive the inspiration that will propel them forward in life.

Think of someone you admire, someone who has transformed your life through their art. Maybe it's an author, or a musician, or a visual artist. Imagine if they had decided to play small because someone once criticized their work. What if they had given up because someone didn't understand them? 

You would have never have received the magic of their art, and that would have been a big bummer for you, wouldn't it?

If I had given up sharing my art (videos, writing, etc.) every time someone didn't resonate with it, I would have given up thousands of times. If I had taken their words of discouragement (which can sometimes be coming from a loving place, mind you), I would have said "f-it. I'll go get a desk job."

But I couldn't do that. I couldn't because to know that my words may impact even one person and help to transform their life makes it worth every moment of negativity I've received from the other people.

Creativity takes courage.
Dare to share your art with the world.
You never know who it's going to
inspire, empower, or enliven.