A guided group journey
to embodying your essential nature

beginning September 2019


A love letter from my body to yours:


You’re a conscious woman, ready to infuse more radiance, more pleasure, more purpose into your life and business.

Your body has been waiting patiently to be noticed, to be held, to be nourished by you.

Your body wants to be your best friend, your guide, your sacred muse.

And you have a deep rooted knowing that the gateway to this sensually expressed and erotically embodied YOU is through your body.

You are ready to say ‘yes’ to more intimacy, more depth, more connection and collaboration between your body and soul.

You know in the depth of your bones that you are here to be a fierce, magnetic force— a force fueled by passion and purpose as you guide and facilitate the wave of our collective awakening.

You’ve done the inner work and you’ve created success for yourself in many ways as you’ve journeyed across the cosmos..

Only to find yourself still not entirely settled in your being.

You now find yourself being called back to the basics..

Back to the foundation of your body, back to your essential, sensuous nature.

Your Soul has brought you here because you are ready to return to your roots, to make peace with this body that has endured and held so much for you.

You are ready to truly come back home to your Self.

Sister, you are ready to EMERGE.

In service to your fullest expression,
Aurianna Joy

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