Pleasurable Prosperity

Who it's for:

Pleasurable Prosperity™ is for the purpose driven woman who is seeking more freedom, more pleasure, and more joy in both her life and business!

How this process will improve your life:

Pleasurable Prosperity™ is an intensive program for female coaches, healers, and holistic entrepreneurs who are tired of struggling with money, sexuality, and creativity.

Whether you're struggling with relationships, money, or creativity, the root is the same. 

Most programs deal with the effects of the root imbalance by providing strategies and tasks to help alleviate suffering instead of diving deep into the cause. We will be rewriting your relationship with pleasure & desire starting at the root using a multi-dimensional approach of mind, body, and spirit.

Once you clear your foundation, everything that springs forth from there will begin to flow naturally.

Why Pleasure?

Your fulfillment in life is directly related to the amount of pleasure you allow yourself to receive. Pleasure is natural result of your willingness and ability to receive the abundance of the Universe. 

The deeper your relationship with pleasure and desire, the deeper your ultimate fulfillment in life.

This process is for you if:

✧ You have an inspiring or empowering vision that you're actively working to bring to life
✧ You're ready to (or are already) making a big impact on the world
✧ There's particular challenge you're facing that's preventing you from getting where you want to go
✧ You understand the power of commitment & are willing to put in the energy required to find your way through
✧ You're willing to play full out & have FUN!

What's included:

✧ 6 months private mentorship with Aurianna Joy
✧ We'll begin by going through The Pleasure Process™ where you'll learn the 9 Pleasure Archetypes along with a detailed map of how each of these archetypes play out & affect your life
✧ Personalized exercises to deepen your relationship with pleasure & desire

✧ Lifetime access to Reclaim Your Radiance™, an 8-week self-study program
✧ Lifetime access to the Life, Designed by YOU! mini-course