1-Month Private Intensive
with Aurianna Joy

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In other words, where are you experiencing discomfort as you expand into a new way of being? (i.e. holding space for client's shadow emotions like anger or sadness; being BOLD with clients; having the money talk with prospective clients; expressing my Truth via social media, etc.)
Where do you find yourself resisting your personal expansion? (i.e. holding boundaries, opening to my partner sexually/emotionally; being with my own anger, sadness, or fear; falling in love with my body, etc.)
'Shadow work' being any work you've done to integrate the aspects of your Self that you've previously rejected and deemed 'wrong', 'unloveable', or 'unacceptable.' This may include different therapeutic approaches, plant medicines, family constellations, etc.
'Somatic' means 'of the body'. Embodiment is the process through which awareness enhances the moment-to-moment circulation of thoughts, feelings, sensations, and energies through the physical body. These practices may include yoga, ecstatic dance, qi gong, thai chi, breathwork, yoga nidra, tapping, etc.
Coachability Questionnaire *
Coachability Questionnaire
Please rate your current feelings on the statements below.
I am fully ready, willing, and able to explore and integrate my inner shadows.
I'm willing to go deep and get uncomfortable for a bit if it means I come out stronger and more capable on the other side.
I know that by resisting my growing edge, I am negatively impacting the health of my business, my body and/or my personal relationships.
I am ready to take FULL ownership of my habits and patterns to create a more fulfilling experience for myself and others.
I understand that unlocking old, outdated patterns in the body and the nervous system is the key to the leveling up I desire in my life and business.
The investment for this program ($1500USD) is going to make you feel one of three ways; pick the one that fits you: *