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Virtual Private Coaching
with Aurianna Joy

You're seeking the Embodied Expression because:

  • You’re feeling stuck or disconnected around money, sex, or personal expression 

  • You feel the call to cultivate & unleash more creative energy

  • You’re curious about what else is out there for you

  • You desire deeper connection to your body and its deep wisdom

  • You have difficulty communicating your needs or setting boundaries

  • You're ready to fully own your yes's and your no's

  • You find yourself repeating outdated patterns & you're not sure why

  • You want to hone your intimacy and communication skills

  • You're ready to live a more embodied, sensual life

Client Love


Aurianna absolutely rocked my world during our session. I like to move quickly in life and I was just in awe about how she was able to slow me down and get right to the root cause of what was bothering me. I left the session feeling lighter and clear on my next steps. I really appreciate how she works on a somatic, body level. Aurianna is a truly incredible facilitator that I can't recommend enough!

~Jolie Dawn, Intuitive Business Coach & Author

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Where do you find yourself uncomfortable with your personal expansion? (i.e. holding boundaries, opening to my partner sexually/emotionally; being with my own anger, sadness, or fear; falling in love with my body; expressing my Truth and sharing my art, etc.)
'Shadow work' being any work you've done to integrate the aspects of your Self that you've previously rejected and deemed 'wrong', 'unloveable', or 'unacceptable.' This may include different therapeutic approaches, plant medicines, family constellations, etc.
'Somatic' means 'of the body'. Embodiment is the process through which awareness enhances the moment-to-moment circulation of thoughts, feelings, sensations, and energies through the physical body. These practices may include yoga, ecstatic dance, qi gong, thai chi, breathwork, yoga nidra, tapping, etc.
Coachability Questionnaire *
Coachability Questionnaire
Please rate your current feelings on the statements below.
I am fully ready, willing, and able to explore and integrate my inner shadows.
I'm willing to go deep and get uncomfortable for a bit if it means I come out stronger and more capable on the other side.
I know that by resisting my growing edge, I am negatively impacting the health of my business, my body and/or my personal relationships.
I am ready to take FULL ownership of my habits and patterns to create a more fulfilling experience for myself and others.
I understand that unlocking old, outdated patterns in the body and the nervous system is the key to the leveling up I desire in my life and business.


I had many ah-ha's from the session! Most notably, I thought, "wow, someone who can give the same kind of support and is as intuitively connected as me." I've been wondering where I could receive what I give out, and I feel like I found it in your heart-opened way of being :)

~Aria Everts, Ancestral Alchemy Coach


I am so grateful for my session with Aurianna! While it is hard to put the high level of inspiration I took from it into words, I will try. The session called forth my vulnerability. I absolutely broke open at a certain point and she was kind enough to hold a loving space for me throughout. I spoke things I hadn't been aware of before, I reached places that had been hidden from me.

I can only imagine what happens as you keep working with her, as the relationship grows in intimacy and she pushes you to keep delving, keep finding new spaces for hopes and dream, helping you uncover new goals.

~Michelle Alerte, Author and freelance editor


I am deeply grateful for my Somatic Awareness session I had with Aurianna. I sought out this session because 1.5 years ago, at the age of 35, suppressed memories of childhood sexual abuse surfaced during work with plant medicines.

Finally, everything started to make sense and I could piece together the roots of a lifetime of low self esteem, paranoia, irregular menstrual cycles, and periods of depression and anxiety.

After doing a lot of work with the plants to address this trauma I was doing much better.

However, each month when my moon cycle would approach all of the old thought patterns would come back full force.

I knew I still had work to do.

During my session with Aurianna we reached a very important piece of my healing. What arose was panic that was stored in my body. This wasn't something that had come up during my ceremonies with Ayahuasca.

As this panic revealed itself through Aurianna's beautiful intuitive guidance, I could feel my whole body wanting to scream. Aurianna held the space beautifully for me to sit and experience this panic in a safe container.

I had the opportunity to see how this panic had actually served me in many ways and to see it as my ally. It had kept my senses sharp which helped me throughout my life avoid dangerous situations for example. I also could see all the ways it was not serving me. More than anything I could feel how deeply grateful this aspect of me was to finally have a voice and to be seen.

After our session closed, I got off our call and began to shake and cry as my body continued to release.

Since our session in the days and weeks to follow, I could see a noticeable difference in my nervous system.

I felt calmer about situations and less stress in general. I find Somatic Experiecing to be a very beautiful compliment to plant medicine work and often recommend it to people for preparation or integration support.

Aurianna has a beautiful heart and holds the space without any judgments....just loving support! 

~Caroline, Shamanic Plant Medicine Ceremony Facilitator