Awaken Your Sacred Rhythms

Sweet sister, I am ecstatic that your soul has brought you here for us to play, explore, and expand together!

This journey will be like nothing your or I have ever experienced before— a sacred, cosmic collaboration between our soul’s in service to your soul’s emergence and fullest expression.

As with any quest, one cannot be entirely sure of the destination, but I ensure you that I am completely devoted and in service to your integration and expansion.

With that in mind, I want us to be 10,000% sure this program is the next right step for your personal growth and soul evolution.

Begin by thoroughly filling out the application below— the more you are willing to open your heart and share vulnerably, the more magical our adventure together will be.

Then, if I sense this program will support you, we will schedule a call to get to know each other a bit and decide together how to move forward ♥

Ready to play?
Begin by filling out the application below

Name *
(i.e. holding boundaries, opening to my partner sexually/emotionally; being with my own anger, sadness, or fear; falling in love with my body; expressing my Truth and sharing my art, etc.)
'Shadow work' being any work you've done to integrate the aspects of your Self that you've previously rejected and deemed 'wrong', 'unloveable', or 'unacceptable.' This may include different therapeutic approaches, plant medicines, family constellations, etc.
'Somatic' means 'of the body'. Embodiment is the process through which awareness enhances the moment-to-moment circulation of thoughts, feelings, sensations, and energies through the physical body. These practices may include yoga, ecstatic dance, qi gong, tai chi, breathwork, yoga nidra, tapping, etc.
Coachability Questionnaire *
Coachability Questionnaire
Please rate your current feelings on the statements below.
I am fully ready, willing, and able to explore and integrate my inner shadows.
I'm willing to go deep and get uncomfortable for a bit if it means I come out stronger and more capable on the other side.
I know that by resisting my growing edge, I am negatively impacting the health of my business, my body and/or my personal relationships.
I am ready to take FULL ownership of my habits and patterns to create a more fulfilling experience for myself and others.
I understand that unlocking old, outdated patterns in the body and the nervous system is the key to the leveling up I desire in my life and business.
I am 10,000% committed to my personal evolution and am willing to play full out during my program and beyond.
My mentorship program is an energetic, emotional, spiritual, AND financial investment, which is going to make you feel three possible ways. Pick the one that suits you at this time. *